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Just trying to plan out strategic advantages against this godforsaken bird-brain.

EDIT: Sorry, I meant add this: Let's give Talonflame a Choice Band/Life Orb.
Now who can survive in RU and below?

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Depends, do you mean like Life Orb? Choice Banded? Adamant? What do you mean?
Sorry I meant either Life Orb/Choice Band. Do both instances.

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Here's a few I found, there aren't many though

Mega Steelix / Steelix
Scrafty (When the talonflame is at -1)

Those are some Ive found, there are probably more, but these are the ones Ive personally found. They all survive an Adamant max invested choice banded brave bird from a talonflame.

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Missed by a minute! :(
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  • Rhyperior,
  • Omastar (This is a surprise entry that can actually work if played well.)
  • Registeel
  • Steelix (Mega)


Basically anything with a Defense over 110, and preferably a Type Resistance to Flying. Better yet if resisting both Fire and Flying as well.

Besides, these Pokemon can also set up Stealth Rock, and trouble this Bird from Hell.

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