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I'm not entirely sure if this question has been answered, but after you get a chain of 40 with PokeRadar, is it only then shiny patches of grass occurs or can the shiny grass happen before the 40 encounters using the Pokeradar?

if so, I'm going to play my Y a lot more frequently then my AS :P

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The Pokeradar can give you a shiny patch at any time in the chain. You even have a chance of getting a shiny in a non sparkling patch (this is considered full odds). However, the shiny chance stops increasing after your chain of 40.

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poke-radar originated in diamond pearl (gen 4) I know that simply the chance of a shiny (sparkling grass) increases by 1/8191 for every radar streak (chain) meaning you can get a certain shiny if you get a chain of 8192 but that is less likely to get then a shiny in general.
i do not know if there has been a change in the poke-radar since gen 4, but I can tell you that bulbapedia and some youtube videos will tell you
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That's not true. The odds stop increasing after a chain of 40., so there's no point in getting a chain to that number.
yeah but i am talking gen 4 key item (diamond pearl and platinum versions) not gen six, however if i am wrong you might as well correct it.
It didn't change in between gen 4 and 6. The odds stop going up at a chain of 40.