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I got my shiny Electrike at a chain of 26, so I was wondering how much of an increase it is in comparison to the classic 1/8192 chance shiny.

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That's the formula. Let's do some math:

14747 - 40 (26) / 2621400 (41 - 26)
14747 - 1040 / 2621400 * 15
13707 / 39321000

Which is about 0.003486899.....

Or rounding it off, 0.0035%.

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Holy *****************************************..........

I'd never be able to do that.
...Wow, thank you! That's pretty precise!
that's not true. are you sure it isn't .0035/1, which would be .35%? that would be much more reasonable, as catching a shiny without the modifier is 0.0122%
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