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Okay so I usually don't ask these kind of questions, but I've been stuck on Rumble World for a really long time now and the restaurant challenge is way too hard for me.
I have to defeat the Pokemon like in every other challenge, but i'm also timed.. AND I ALSO HAVE TO PROTECT MY MII! If it isn't one thing, it's usually the other that makes me lose. And it is almost always because my Mii follows me into battle and gets hurt. I wish there was a way to tell the Mii to sit still.

So is there any easy way to beat this challenge? Any suggested Pokemon I should get first or pattern I could try? idk I'm just really desperate to get passed this level.

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Get Hydreigon and sweep through levels. Codes are as follows according to your location:

North America: 25576005
Europe: 80501954
Japan: None

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Wow, didn't know such an OP pokemon was released through password. when the game first came out i would just sweep levels with my event pancham but then the daily challenges became too strong
yay thanks a ton, i beat the challenge really quick!
Your welcome. That's flattering.
ima get it right now :3
finaly we get something and japan doesnt
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you can wait till you have Pokemon that are 100 strength or more over the recommended strength, try to snag groudon or kyroge for their power and their aoe attacks. Superstar Pokemon can help if you have any because then attacks focus on you. other than that, try to get something with a fast super effective attack, or a nice aoe attack.