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Competitively, my Spiritomb is a tank. Mixed wall, in fact. However, it's speed is garbage at very low 108. I wanna have fun with Destiny Bond on it's moveset, but obviously Spiritomb won't be outspeeding much to revenge kill with Destiny Bond.

Pay attention this scenario:
Gengar used Dazzling Gleam. (Spiritomb lives with 1 hp)
Spritomb used Destiny Bond.
-Turn 2-
Gengar used Dazzling Gleam.
Spiritomb fainted.
Will Gengar faint because of Destiny Bond being the last move Spiritomb used? Correct me if I am incorrect.

I think so
But I could be wrong

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The answer is yes, it will work because it was used second.

My source was that this question was already asked and answered here

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Thats from 2012, stuff have changed and i am pretty sure it will work
huh? so which is it? Yes or no?
The answer is yes, the previous question was older, and I didnt realise it depended on when it was used. This answer is correct.