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My cacturne KOsucked punched the enemies metagross.

The enemy sent in Salamence.

His salamence mega evolved, and I DESTINY BONDED HIM before ...

his mega salamence hypervoiced me to my focus sash point.

Then his salamence outsped me and KOed my 1-hp cacnturne with hypervoice on the next turn..

why the hell did my cacturne move before his salamence on the previous turn, and

moved after him the turn after ??

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Do you happen to remember the level your cacturne was, and what level the Salamence was at?
The lvl must be different that why, cause there is no way a salamence gets outspeed by a cacturne even if it has a hidering nature.

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Pretty simple actually.

It takes a turn for the mega evolved stat changes to take effect. For example,

If your cacturne had 150 speed and salamence had 149 speed you would go first. Pretty simple, but if salamence mega evolves it gains some speed.

You would still be faster turn 1, even though it mega evolved, but turn 2 it would be faster because it gained extra speed from the mega evolution the turn before.

If you have any questions please ask in comments.

Hope this Helps!

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but still, cacturne is too slow to outspeed a salamence...
hey Hawluchinations, thanks for the answer. Somehow, after some stat calculations on both pokemon's speed..

my jolly cacturne with 31IV on speed has a total of 117 speed while regular 31IV salamence with any nature, for example,

adamant, still outspeeds my cacturne. If what u said is true, then it means the opponent's salamence ..

1. has any nature that doesnt increase speed
2. his speed IV has to be less than 31
If this is in game the levels can vary greatly and effect the speed, if it is on pokemon showdown it could be evs or ivs.
Also if it in game and versus a NPC it will most likely not have 31 speed ivs
I was doing a battle spot in pokemon oras where the level of both sides are set to 50...

but the level of my cacturne was around 70. does the level outside of battle matter in battlespot or wifi battle?
No, if your pokemon are set to level 50 they would have the same stats that they would have at level 50 (including ivs and evs)