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Say im leading with a typical lead froslass, but without a sash, and the opponent is leading with, for sake of example, a heatran. I know for a fact that it can OHKO me. So i use destiny bond first turn, and as i predicted, the opponent goes for stealth rocks. So i go for spikes next turn, and get ohko'd. is the opponent taken down aswell?

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No, Destiny Bond only works until the next turn your opponent attacks.
So if Froslass used D-Bond, and then Heatran used Fire Blast, Heatran will be taken down.
But if Froslass used D-Bond, Heatran doesn't KO, you use Spikes, and he KO's you, Heatran's safe.

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When Destiny Bond is used, until the **user moves again**, if the user faints as the direct result of an attack the attacking Pokémon also faints. If the user takes another turn (including 'inactive' turns such as those spent sleeping or flinching), the effect disappears.
So I'm pretty sure you can extend destiny bond's duration by using a minus priority move the next turn.