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Im trying to complete my pokedex though I am just starting out lol . I cant seem to find a dunsparce in route 20 or in floccesy ranch how can I catch him do I look for rustling grass to move to get him or not ?

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They are found in shaking spots in the grass at Floccesy Ranch and Route 20.

Source: Route 20 and Floccesy Ranch and also experience. I asked my brother what Pokémon he wanted, and I was playing White 2, and he asked for a Dunsparce. OUT OF ALL THE POKÉMON-

The easiest way to do this is to get a specific Merchant at Join Avenue, the one that sells Escape Ropes, Potions etc and get a LOT of the best kind of Repel there is. Then use it and keep on using more as needed, looking for shaking spots.

Source: Experience with catching the Dunsparce my brother wanted.

Hope I helped!