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I have an Amoonguss and a Togekiss on my side of the field versus, say, Entei and Arbok. Amoonguss uses Rage Powder and Togekiss uses Follow Me. Entei targets Amoonguss with Sacred Fire and Arbok attacks Togekiss with Gunk Shot. Will:

  • Amoonguss redirect Gunk Shot and Togekiss redirect Sacred Fire?
  • Only one form of redirection works, and Amoonguss gets hit by both Sacred Fire and Gunk Shot?
  • There is no effect.

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I know that there already is an answer to this question, however after taking some tests on Showdown I found out that it is, in fact the last user of redirection that becomes the center of attention. So if Togekiss uses Follow Me first, and then Amoonguss uses Rage Powder, it's Amoonguss that becomes the center of attention, not Togekiss.

Here are the tests:

>- Test 1, where both Pokemon faint at the hands of the opponent. So we find out that the first attack goes towards Amoonguss and not Togekiss, and after Amoonguss faints Togekiss is attacked.

>- Test 2, pretty much the same scenario as the previous one. But here Amoonguss lives the first blow. We find out that the second blow, instead of going onto Togekiss, hits Amoonguss. This means Amoonguss was, in fact, the center of attention.

>- Test 3, where it's Togekiss that is the slower redirection user. In this, the situation of Test 2 is just reversed. Togekiss takes the first blow, meaning we can assume that it was the center of attention.

Inferance: It is the slower redirection user that gets to be the center of attention.

Hope I helped!

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Mmmm..... Bulbapedia makes it clear by ''first user'', but I doubt Showdown made a mistake. The slower user becoming the center of attention makes more sense, too, so I think you're right.
Yeah, showdown doesn't make mistakes too often (learned that the hard way) but I'm gonna stick around and try in my OR copy as well; and if possible post here as well.
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If another Pokémon on the same team is already the center of attention, the first user takes priority; if the first user is outside of range, is switched, or faints, the attack will be drawn to the next center of attention.

So basically, the faster Pokémon will become the center of attention, and the slower will take its place if the other is out of range, switches or faints.
So in your situation, if Togekiss is faster, then it will use Follow Me before Amoongus and become the center of attention, causing both Entei and Arbok's attacks to be targeted at it.


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