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How do the moves Follow Me and Rage Powder work in Tera Raids? Specifically, if you use Follow Me or Rage Powder, will it successfully redirect the raid boss' next move? And if so, which next move and from which ally(-ies)? (since turns are asynchronous in Tera Raids)

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These moves don't work in raids. You are essentially facing 4 individual battles with the Tera Pokémon where only full field effects (Doodle, Howl, Reflect, Light Screen, Weather, etc...) and opponent buffs/debuffs are shared by your team. My best source for this answer is experience, so I encourage you to verify with your own, but I've not yet been able to get them to work.

I'll add a space for an errata if I can ever get the test proper, but the times when a Raid Pokémon attacks on schedule rather than in the normal isolated battles may be an exception to this rule since that move can target any of the ally Pokémon (think Charizard using Overheat at the beginning of its 7 star raid or Greninja/Cinderace using extra attacks when at about 20% health).

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