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I know it is in the Plasma Frigate but where?
(Pictures would be helpful.)

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When you first enter into the Plasma Frigate, head down. You should see an entrance leading to the lower floor. From there, you go to the left and keep on going down until you see the third doorway. Go inside; you should see two rows of tables on each side. Between the tables on the right side is the Electrizer / Magmarizer.

If this is too difficult to follow, just watch this video; you can skip to 1:02 (that's when he enters into the Plasma Frigate.

Hope I helped!

Source: Experience , Above link

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I did not find the frigate there
The frigate is nearby the P2 Laboratory if you already beaten it.
Don't worry; the electrizer / magmarizer should still be in the same place, but only the location of the frigate itself has changed.
I can't find it and I do not have the electrizer, I may have sold/tossed it :(
I couldn't find the electirizer so I just ended up using my electirizer from white but thanks anyway
You're welcome!
I'm sorry that you didn't find the electrizer though :(
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The Magmarizer is in the top right room of the frigate, and the Electrifier is in the bigger room to the left. You should be able to find the Plasma Frigate when you exit Seaside Cave..

can it only be found at the seaside cave location?
I believe it can be found in other places later but this is where you go to find it.
For me, the plasma frigate is at the P2 laboratory, can I still get it?
The plasma frigate should be outside of seaside cave, but you might be able to find the electrizer/magmarizer in the frigate. In black 2 the magmarizer is in the top right room, in white 2 the electrizer is in the bottom left room.
It is not there and as far as I know, should not be there as I have (probably) defeated ghetsis.
"After the player has defeated Ghetsis, it is permanently docked at the P2 Laboratory."
Can you find the electrizer or magmarizer in it?
I didn't see it, I don't think I already used it...
I'll check my bag after I finish this white treehollow challange
I don't have it