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I'm doing the Looker mision and Im on the part where you have to check the alleyways for the kids. He said I would eventually find the kids in one of the alleyways. But I've gone to all the alleyway locations in Lookers notebook and can't find them. Help?


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Trust me, the kids are found within the alley closest to North Boulevard (right before you enter/exit). It's a small alley next to a "1 star restaurant" and a "sleeping skiddo". Going into this alley will locate all kids, taking you into a battle with each kid.

If you need help, this video will help locate it (around the 27th minute).

Other side quests and directions can be found here

Hope I helped! :)

Can you tell me what the one star restaurant is called?
it's call "Le Nah"
Ohhh that one