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I caught a Axew recently but it doesn't know very good moves. Should I train it up?


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His attack becomes one of the highest in the game and he learns some of the best dragon moves like...
-Dragon Claw
-Dragon Pulse
+Giga impact and Guillotine
He also learns Dragon Rage really early as Axew
(Besides his attack, his stats are still all better than most things. Also I'm assuming your going to evolve him up to Haxorous)

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Well the answer is good enough for me but I think the reason someone might vote this down because you put in some moves that is not good on him [dragon pulse ,giga impact,guillotine] .
Why are they bad moves? They are some of the best in the game!
Giga Impact requires recharging on the next turn ( a pain when your using a, I do so much damage no gets to touch me sweeper ) dragon pulse is a special move, ( not great on haxorus ) and guillotine has horrible accuracy ( 30%)
dragon claw is better than the dragon pulse on axew since axew has higher attack than special attack
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YES! as long as it doesn't have rivalry, if it does, it is kind of easy to fix by teaching it atract, and if you have something like a modest nature, that would be kinda bad..... but Haxorus has the highest non legendary attack stat out of any pokemon in the game besides rampardos... what a beast. this is a very useful pokemon


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you also forgot Slaking with 160 base Att
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Yes, it is well worth it since it evolves into the Mighty Haxorus. But if your Axes has Rivalry, it is not worth having and get one with Mold Breaker to take advantage of its Earthquake. It also has one of the highest Non Legendary Attack Stat of the whole game. Here is a Moveset for it that is great:

Dragon Claw/Outrage
Brick Break
Dragon Dance/Swords Dance

Overall its a great Pokemon and I recommend it. It learns powerful moves to take advantage of that high Attack stat. Hope this helps...

How about this Moveset?

Dragon Claw/Outrage
Shadow Claw/X-Scissor
Draco Meteor