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Just wondering how that is possible w/ a difference in base speed of 25. Not to mention a difference in level of 12.
My Primeape is Impish natured (+Def -S. Atk) w/ no EV training and w/ a speed of 171.
Idk about Blue's Alakazam but how did I outspeed? Was it a glitch?

I'm not sure if Blue's Alakazam knows any negative priority moves but that's the only rational way for that to happen.

ALSO! A level 61 primeape DOES have EVs in it's stats (nice nature by the way) due to how EVs are obtained (getting experience from "certain pokemon")

It's... Possible..? To say that Blue's Alakazam has a speed reducing nature and no EVs in speed while retaining the 30 IVs each champion has while your primeape got Max speed with however many IVs it has in speed with good investment into speed EVs.

Super unlikely tho. Probably a negative priority move
I used Strength n it used Psychic. '_'
You technically had 188 speed with the 10% badge boost, and some EVs from the Pokemon it defeated.

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Here's my theory.

Alakazam may have had no EVs and less than 17 IVs alongside a speed reducing nature, which results in its speed standing at 171 and below. Your Primeape must have been able to tie it in speed or just outspeed it then.

Champions only got 30 IV Pokemon (or 31 in Cynthia's case) since Generation 4. Leafgreen however comes under Generation 3, meaning like every other trainer in the game, Champion Blue's Pokemon were randomly assorted IVs and Natures.
In my opinion, this is the most likely case.

Hope I helped!

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So far hadn't answered because the I could not verify the champion's pokemon's IVs (the 30 IVs thing always seemed exceedingly sketchy to me). But all the sources on the Internet seemed to suggest to me the given facts.
Where did u get Nidoking from? o.o Anyways, that makes sense.
Cynthia's pokemon dont have 31 IVs. Thats a myth and its been proved to be NOT TRUE! :D
"Like all of Cynthia's Pokémon, Garchomp has 31 IVs in each of its stats in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum."
~ Bulbapedia.

I've scoured enough sites (most being reliable ones) and can now safely say that it indeed HAS been proven that Cynthia's pokemon are 6 IV. It's not a myth. People have hacked to "catch trainer's pokemon" and get Cynthia's Garchomp, which was tested positive for perfect IVs.
I also verified that Blue's pokemon are not all 30 IVs (through personal testing), and the next most logical conclusion is that it's randomly assigned, like any other trainer.

My answer is finalized now, backed with solid facts.