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If I ever start Platinum over which starter should I choose?

why was this down-voted? this was a good question in my opinion

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Ok so its not that hard question but it all depends on what you think :

empoleon-has great special defence and special attack but I don't see it haveing good moves for it use its attack is pretty low and the special moves you can teach its are
ice beam surf\hydro pump ice beam so I can say there are a lot more water types you can catch so I don't recommend empoleon

infernape-with great speed attack and special attack infernape has lots of uses aspecialy if you breed it to have nesty plot its a killing mechine so its moveset is easy to build notice that there arent much good fire types in platinum

torretera-probebly the best grass type till gen iv it can cover all weaknesses with one move (stone edge) allthough its slow its bulky eanough to take 3-4 fire punches and its the best chise there is moveset is simple and overall its a great pokemon and there arent many good grass types in the plat game

so overall I think you should take torretera or infernape since there are much better water types in gen 4 you don't need empoleon

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This is how I look at it, start to make a team of pokemon and see whats missing,

Torterra = Tank
Infernape = mixed sweeper
Empoleon = special sweeper

So its really an opinion, its hard to tell you what starter to get, if you don't tell us things like,
What other pokemon you plan to have in your team

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It depends on what you want to do, but the best way would be to look at each of their base stats. (these can be found in the pokedex on this site) From there decide what you want to do.

Which one do you think will be best for the Pokemon League?
What did you choose last time?
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First, you should defenitely chose one that is different from your previous one for more variety.
try getting Piplup or Infernape.