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I know it is possible in Platinum, but I'm not sure if it can be done in the new Gold/Silver games. Help please?


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You cannot trade between the two, but you can Migrate. Once you beat the elite four and go to Kanto, in Fucia City where the Safari game used to be, there is the Pal Park. Once you get there, you can migrate your pokemon if you have both games in your DS.

Will the pokemon be the exact same as the originals or just the same species?
They'll be exatly the same, I believe, exept maybe their ribbons.  If they're shiny, they'll come over shiny.  They'll have any items you have given them and all of their moves.  They are the same pokemon.
The ribbons will be the same.
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Like fritjof said, but you cant migrate with a dsi.

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You can migrate, but you can't send the from hg/ss to fire red.

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