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i have been catching suicune for a while now and I am trying to get it with hp electric but I have been having little success (eg 2x 8 hour trip in a car and I accomplished literally nothing)
I have the ivs I need for suicune and converted them into the needed stats that suicune needs, nature is not a problem either because I have 5 modest Pokemon with synchronize in my party causing a modest suicune about 70% of the time.
so my question is...
is there any way I can increase the chance of my suicune to get hp electric with power 70.
answers/comments would be much appreciated.
most of you hate it but I'm doing it anyway.
yours indubitably,
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Synchronize's effect of making a wild Pokemon the same nature as the Pokemon only applies to the leading pokemon

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IVs of wild Pokemon are completely random. The only exception to this is legendary Pokemon who have 3 perfect IVs in random stats.(For ORAS)

In HGSS, the IVs are random for every wild Pokemon.

There is no way to increase the chances of getting the desired IVs go your Suicune.

In other words, you will have to keep trying until you get the desired IVs go your Pokemon.

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thanks mate, i was just checking, the chances are probably one in a thousand but ill keep at it and create my battle tower team:
metagross, garchomp and suicune.
yours indubitably,