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I have some moveset ideas centered around a Pokemon of this type but I have not found too many candidates yet.


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With base 120 Defense and 150 Special Attack, it would fit your criteria. Base 90 speed also makes it possible for Dialga to be outsped by Magikarp (with IVs and Nature in effect), but isnt as slow a some of the next Pokemon.

Darmanitan (Zen Mode)

105 Defence and 140 Special Attack is pretty good for what you need. Its also really slow, at just 55 base Speed. The problem is that standard mode darmanitan doesnt match what you need at all.


Base 115 Defence and 130 Special Attack would also work for you. It only has base 60 Speed, which lets it become outsped by many. Also has unique typing.


It has base 110 Defence and 130 Special Attack, and just 65 Speed. HP stat could be better, though.


110 Defence and 100 Special Attack. Only 30 Speed, and also gets a Mega Evolution which boosts its Defence and Special Attack even more.

If none of these Pokemon work for you, I could probably find two or three more.

what about sableye?
That Magiakrp reference tho
Not a reference, Magikarp can outspeed Dialga in the right conditions (31IVs in speed, 252 Speed EVs, Swift Swim, etc.)
Sableye isn't high on defense or special attack, it just gets will o' wisp to tank physical hits and Calm Mind to raise Dark pulse's damage
Obviously it can in the right "conditions", Dialga that's paralyzed, holding iron ball, and has maximum speed reduction is outspeeded by just about anyone.
I was about to mention Slowbro.
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I was looking at this and was about to post Slowbro, but it was taken. Instead I will share with you the beauty of Cofagrigus.


Cofagrigus could actually suit you for more than just a defensive wall as its base Defense is 145, but it's Sp. D is 105. These defensive stats cut into the Sp. A a litte as it only has 95 base Sp. A, and will be a tie with Slowbro with a base speed of 30. Rash is recommended for you though as it will increase its Sp. A and decrease its Sp. D to give it a boost for attack and let go of the opposite defense.