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So I found a Mirage Cave that has a TM hidden inside it, but in order to reach it I need to hop down on an Acro Bike on one side, then I have to go around and go back up on the other side with a Mach Bike. I've checked a dozen times and there don't seem to be any alternate routes to take.

Anyone know how to solve this thing?


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You have to beat the Elite Four and gain access to the Battle Resort, where you will show a man your Mach Bike (if I remember correctly). After he sees it, and if you have already shown the Acro Bike to the man in the Safari Zone, go back to the Bike Shop owner and he will allow you to carry both bikes instead of having to go back and switch. This will let you get that TM.

Source: Experience

Thanks, but your answer isn't entirely accurate, i think. I just went back to switch my bikes to try out your advice, and he just gave me the second bike. I'm pretty sure i never talked to anyone at the battle resort about a mach bike. I can say for sure i've never had the mach bike in my possession on battle resort at least. Anyway, i got both bikes now, so mystery solved. :P
Eh, it's been a while :P