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What I mean by this is, do the Mirage locations appear randomly or in a certain order like based on the time of day?

I would like to know because I want a ditto and I know that you have to catch ditto either at Mirage Cave (North of Route 132) or Mirage Island (South of Route 132) but those two locations haven't appeared for me yet.

So will they appear at a certain time? Or is there a way I can make them appear quicker? Thanks!


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>Once a day, you will find a random island on the outskirts of the Hoenn Region. These islands are relatively small but can be seen due to a distinctive red shine above them. These are the Mirage Islands. There are five different varieties: Mirage Island, Mirage Forest, Mirage Cave, Mirage Mountain & Crescent Isle, each with different attributes, and each island in each variety is different. As each day passes, one island disappears and the next island re-appears


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Its random what island will appear. Though in my game I seem to get 2-3 at a time, usally if you do get more than one, its commonly a basic Mirage Forest/Island/Cave/Mountian and a Mirage with some of the other gen legends.

UPDATE: (It seems the more people you get passes from VIA the PSS you more Mirages that will appear)

You can increase the Spots that appear VIA the PSS passing system.

The Spot with the lowest chance to appear is Crescent Island, this is the Mirage spot with Cresselia.

Here is a list of the Mirage Spots with Other game legends and have the following Pokemon.

Trackless Path: Raikou, Entei, Suicune
Pathless Plain: Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion
Nameless Cavern: Uxie, Azelf, Mespirt
Fabled Cave: Reshiram (Omega Ruby Only), Zekrom (Alpha Sapphire Only)
Gnarled Den: Kyurem Update: (You need both Reshiram And Zekrom for this one to appear)
Storm Clouds: Thudurus (Omega Ruby Only), Tornadus (Alpha Sapphire Only), Landorus
Dimensional Rift: Palkia (Omega Ruby Only), Dialga (Alpha Sapphire Only), Giratina - UPdate (For Giratina to appear you need both Palkia and Dialga and for the Rift to appear you need the Physic Trio of Uxie, Azelf, Mespirt)

((Updated 3/5/15))

Sources: Own Experiences and Official Hoenn Region Strategy Guide.

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Hey, I think you may have your Storm Clouds mixed up. I've found a Thundurus on Alpha Sapphire before, so maybe Tornadus is Omega Ruby only? I'm not sure about that either, but it's either that or they're available on both games.