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In the pokemon fire red I ordered it came with a bunch of level 100's in it, and if I trade them over to White, is this still a legit thing to do? They were caught legit, I can tell from their caught at etc, but I don't want to be cheating. The level 100's are: kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, entei, salamence, mewtwo and golem.

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Noo! Of course it's not cheating!
When you bought that used Fire Red, it came with those Pokemon, they're now yours!
Of course, if you want the challenge and fun for yourself to train your very own Lv 100 Pokemon, by all means, train!

But, of course it's okay to take them! As long as their stats and information is legit, they're legit. There's nothing wrong with taking them, it's their fault for leaving those Pokemon in that game if they had wanted them!

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Thankyou, I really appreciate it
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Trading them would be legit but WAIT a minute . Fire Red Has NONE of them EXCEPT for EnTei , Mewtwo and Golem.
How did you the the other Pokemon??
Anyway if you're sure you got them fair and square then no worries .

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They could of been traded over from Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire.
I got it off the internets, so I found out by looking at the ots and they are traded
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I agree with midnight. Since the game came with those their all yours. Go for it!! :)

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