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And does it cost real money?

EDIT- I don't know why I asked if it cost real money I'm really stupid.

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>What is Pokébank?

Pokébank is an application you can download for your 3ds. It is available in the Nintendo eShop and is basically a huge PC for ORAS and XY. You can also transfer Pokemon over from Generation 5 games, but you cant take Pokemon over to those games.
The purpose of Pokebank is to store and transfer Pokemon. Its like a PC's storage system that you can find in the games, except with Pokebank 3000 Pokemon can be stored. It also has a better search system.
You can also get rewards of Battle Points or Pokemiles, or even event Pokemon, for using Pokebank.

>How do you use it?

I would assume you would open Pokebank from the home menu, select Pokemon to transfer over and where you want them to end up (Pokebank or ORAS/XY).

>Does it cost real money?

Yes, it does. Because of server hosting fees, you would have to pay to use Pokebank. Downloading Pokebank is free, but to be able to use it you need to pay a fee. This fee is ¥500 in Japan, $4.99 in the United States and Canada, £4.49 in the United Kingdom, €4.99 in Europe, $6.50 in Australia, $8.50 in New Zealand, ₩5000 in South Korea, $150 in Taiwan, $40 in Hong Kong and R$ 8.99 in Brazil (credit to Bulbapedia).

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Do you only have to pay once or multiple times?
You buy a pass that lasts for 365 days. Before it expires, itll notify you and ask you to buy a new pass. If you let it expire while pokemon are still in the bank, you can withdraw them, but theyll vanish after some time.
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PokeBank is a transferring system to transfer Pokemon from previous games to the new followed up generations/created games.

To use PokeBank, you must install it from "Nintendo E-Shop" along with "PokeTransporter", They are both needed; plus they're free.

Once done, you need to have a copy of either:
>- Pokemon Black/White 2 with Pokemon X/Y
- Pokemon X/Y with Pokemon OR/AS

It works like this:
1) Log onto your primary game (the one with the Pokemon you're transferring).
2) Go into your PC boxes and put all your transferring Pokemon into BOX 1
3) From that box, hit home menu and close off your game.
4) Go onto PokeTransfer, and it will transfer the box to Pokemon bank (this can not previously returned once transferred).
5) Switch to you secondary game (the game you're giving the Pokemon too)
6) Once the game is in, log onto PokeBank, and you'll be able to put your Pokemon into your boxes, in your secondary game. At this point you can store and receive Pokemon with your secondary game.
7) Transfer Complete!

You can store up to 3,000 Pokemon hacked/not - basically a much bigger PC when the ingame one fails. At first, pokemiles and BP can be received; along with a free lvl. 10 Celebi. It's a really good experience and definitely recommend having it.

Although this system is fantastic, only the first month that you've downloaded this system will be considered free. After expired, you would have to pay $5 (real money) for a year after - for Canada

Source/More Info: Prices, Using PokeBank, Using PokeTransporter, and Own Experience.

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