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I am not sure how to use Pokebank in the game.

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I have Pokemon bank, and you don’t use it “in the game”. You start it from the menu screen, then select the game you want to use Pokémon bank with and where you want to move the Pokémon. Keep in mind that it can only be used with Gen 6 and 7, and the Poké transporter can be used with gen 5 and the virtual console games.

Source: My experience with Pokémon Bank.

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Have require buy monthly?
It costs money, but not monthly. It costs 5 dollars for a year-long pass.
What type of dollar?
United States dollar
Can pay with real money instead use credit card?
No, you need to have money on the 3ds in some way. You don't have to use credit card though; you can buy a Nintendo e-card.