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My Pokémon Isn't Invincible? [Pokémon Pearl]

Hi! I'm glad you could come to this post and I hope you reply as soon as you can! I recently had a trade with my friend, Jack. Jack said he had "invincible Pokémon", which were Sableye, Sableye, Sableye and Sableye. He said they had the ability Wonder Guard, and since Sableye didn't have any super effective weaknesses, they were technically "invincible". I don't know how he got these, but he traded one to me. I was having real fun beating up Pokémon, so I decided to take on the Pokémon League for my fifth time, with just Sableye. I won the league, but my Sableye took damage as well... This was caused by Flint's Steelix. Steelix used Fire Fang on me, and my Sableye sustained damage (but no burn). I have come here to ask you if this was a glitch, or if my Sableye isn't invincible to the move Fire Fang...



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Due to a glitch in Generation IV, Fire Fang could hit Pokemon with Wonder Guard, regardless of wether it is super-effective or not.


Okay, thanks for letting me know :)