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If I had a Banette and allowed it to Mega-evolve, its ability prankster would not activate immediately. I am wondering what would happen if a foe used a sleep-inducing move on a Banette with the ability insomnia after it just mega evolved. Would the Banette still fall asleep?


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Prankster activates immediately after Mega Evolution, but its effects activate only the turn after.

This basically means that you have NO ability on the turn of Mega Evolution.

Turn 1

Banette's Banettite is reacting to GreninjaIsNowUber's Mega Bracelet!
Banette has Mega Evolved into Mega Banette!

The opposing Thundurus used Protect!
The opposing Thundurus protected itself!

Breloom used Spore!
Banette fell asleep!

The opposing Kyurem-Black used Substitute!
The opposing Kyurem-Black put in a substitute!
The opposing Kyurem-Black lost 25% of its health!

Banette is fast asleep.

The opposing Kyurem-Black restored a little HP using its Leftovers!

The Banette's set:

[email protected]
Nature: Serious
-Shadow Ball

Breloom's set:

[email protected] Scarf
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 Spe


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Prankster doesn't really activate until the beginning of turn two. It replaces Insomnia, but Banette's moves won't gain priority on the first turn.

These mechanics mean that, on the turn of Mega Evolution, Mega Sableye has both Prankster and Magic Bounce at the same time.

Food for thought ;)
But Salamence's Aerilate activates immediately, so it's only logical that Banette's Prankster will activate
You don't get priority, but you do get Prankster. It has to do with speed mechanics. I'm 99% positive that's how it works, but I'll test it in-game.
I tested it in the Battle Maison. I paired a random wild Banette with my IV bred and EV trained Greninja. There was no way Mega Banette could be faster. Sure enough, Greninja outsped her Will-o-Wisp on Turn 1, and Prankster only came into effect on Turn 2. Here's the video to prove it.

Oh, okay. Thank you!