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I recently had a battle against someone; I was using Mega Banette. I brought in my Banette on a Malamar, thinking of going for the Destiny Bond predicting my opponent to go straight for the attacking move. Upon my Banette's entrance on the battlefield, I went straight for the Mega Evolution and went for the Destiny Bond. To my surprise, my opponent's Malamar moved first and went for the Foul Play and one-hit KO'd me. I was dumbfounded. This really limits Mega Banettes capabilities, as the mechanics of its Mega Evolution with Prankster make it not viable as an anti-lead, as most Pokémon, like Galvantula, can be led off with and go straight for the Sticky Web, not having to fear a Taunt from a Banette that has yet to Mega Evolve. I've had success with Mega Banette, effectively stopping stallers like Ferrothorn, and various physical attackers. However, figuring this out really puts a damper on my view of Mega Banette's viability. Can someone please explain to me why the nature of Banette's Mega Evolution mechanics happen in such a way?

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Yeah sorry Prankster activates a turn after the mega evolution. As for why it happens you can't say for sure as Game Freak programmed it to be like that.

Source: YouTube video and knowledge on this

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Alright, thanks for helping me out of denial haha. I'll still use Mega Banette, especially now since I know how the Pokémon works.