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Ok, so I decided to use Banette because when it Mega evolves it has Prankster, but it didn't take into effect that turn it happened the next turn but by then the damage had been dealt. What other things arent in effect until the turn after Mega Evolving?

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The effect of your ability kicks in right away with the exception of speed and priority abilities. Actually, everything kicks in right away besides those two. Appearence, stats, all of that stuff.

As for why you didn't get priority from Prankster on the turn you Mega Evolved, it is because the ability didn't kick in and normal speed was used.

As why you didn't get priority in the turn after, here are a few reasons:

  • Your faster opponent used a priority move or any opponent used Extremespeed.
  • You didn't use a status move. Prankster gives +1 Priority to status moves.

Source: Testing this out

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Thanks all of you :) oh and I had used Attract btw and Siebold's Gyrados used ? As of that I forgot.
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All effects will kick in, including stat changes APART FROM SPEED.

The only reason that you may have not seen Prankster taking affect was that a faster opponent utilised a priority move, therefore bypassing Prankster, or you used an offensive move, which Prankster does not increase the priority of.
All stat changes also take place, apart from speed in conjunction with abilities. So Speed will take effect the second turn, and the Pokemon that moves first will be decided on original speed on the turn you mega-evolve.

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All Mega abilities like Mega Launcher and Prankster activate from the get-go.Are you aware that Prankster will only activates when you use moves like Will-o-Wisp or Toxic not every move

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I don't mean to invade this thread, but this wasn't the case for me... I recently had a battle against someone; I was using Mega Banette. I brought in my Banette on a Malamar, thinking of going for the Destiny Bond predicting my opponent to go straight for the attacking move. Upon my Banette's entrance on the battlefield, I went straight for the Mega Evolution and went for the Destiny Bond. To my surprise, my opponent's Malamar moved first and went for the Foul Play and one-hit KO'd me. I was dumbfounded. This really limits Mega Banettes capabilities, as the mechanics of it's Mega Evolution with Prankster make it not viable as an anti-lead, as most Pokémon, like Galvantula, can be led off with and go straight for the Sticky Web, not having to fear a Taunt from a Banette that has yet to Mega Evolve. I've had success with Mega Banette, effectively stopping stallers like Ferrothorn, and various physical attackers. However, figuring this out really puts a damper on my view of Mega Banette's viability.