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Why wouldn't it? Mega stones are items. Mega stones are required for mega evolution. What's going on here, why did Gamefreak make it that way? Because, in my opinion, I think Embargo should be a valid solution to preventing megas. It might make it more interesting (or overused)

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You are right about it becoming overused, but remember that Mega Evo's have much higher priority than Embargo, so you'd have to predict swaps and such.

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Your question . why as in the logic behind it...
Ask GameFreak. Seriously :P

My guess would be that Mega-Evolution actually occurs through the resonation of two items, the Mega Stone and the Key Stone. so the stone actually does nothing apart from resonate? And Embargo can't prevent that? I have no idea.
Only Gamefreak / Nintendo know the true meaning behind this. :P

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Sigh, I suppose this answer was inevitable.....
Haha yeah. No one knows :P
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Mega stones are not unlike like Arceus' plates; both are unaffected by Trick & Knock Off.

I guess the problem would be if a Pokemon mega-evolved, then something used Embargo on it, would it de-mega-evolve? Just like with Arceus, if it was holding a type changing plate, would its type change if something used Embargo on it? So Embargo just has no effect on Mega Stones/ Arceus' plate.

I knew that embargo did not affect mega evolution, and I assume if it did, already mega evolved pokemon would not "de-mega-evolve". My question was actually why? But I didn't know about Arceus's plates, that's interesting.
I think Game Freak just designed it like that. Personally though, I think that if Embargo did prevent you from Mega-evolving, you could just switch out and the effects would be gone. Considering there's already the 1 Mega-evolution per battle cap, preventing Mega-evolution is not really needed.
hmm maybe.
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Because they are special items that somehow escape Embargo's clutches. Something tells me that as with healing items, your Pokémon use them before the opponent can attack (use embargo)

As for this link, It'll tell you the answer.

Hope I helped! =]

Thanks, but I already knew embargo doesn't prevent it, because I battled a wild Zoroark with my Lucario. I really want a good reason for why they made it this way. Sorry if you misread my question, I should edit that.
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Even if Embargo COULD prevent a Pokemon from Mega Evolving (assuming it wouldn't De-Mega Evolve) it wouldn't work, because Megas evolve before all moves are made, so you wouldn't be able to stop it.

unless the person switches in the potential mega right as you use it
Ok, true.