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Will they move first if used by a Pokémon with Prankster?


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No, Prankster does not boost the priority of OHKO moves. How do I know this? I have uses Assault Vest Lapras with Sheer Cold. As it is well known, only attacking moves can be used with Assault Vest. And Prankster does not give priority to attacking moves. therfore, OHKO moves are not affected by Prankster.

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OHKO Moves are not Status Moves, so they are not affected by Prankster.

Prankster only affects moves that are non-damaging (or status).

I'm also pretty sure that no Pokemon gets Prankster + an OHKO move. Even if they did, the OHKO move still won't have the Priority boost.

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No OHKO moves will be activated by Prankster, because they're attacking moves. Only status moves will be affected by prankster.

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