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With the ability Dazzling, Bruxish is immune to all moves that have a higher priority than 0, and with the ability Prankster, Klefki (and other Pokemon, but I know for a fact that Klefki can use entry-hazards moves) is allowed to give +1 priority to status moves, including entry-hazard moves. So is Bruxish immune to those entry hazards set out by Klefki? Or does Bruxish still get hurt?

For example:

Go! Gyarados! (Intimidate)
Go! Klefki!

Turn 1: Klefki used Spikes! Gyarados used Waterfall!
Turn 2: Switch out, Gyarados, come back! Go! Bruxish!

What happens next? Is Bruxish still affected by those Spikes, or does Dazzling prevent that from happening?

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The entry hazards (Spikes) aren't exactly affected by Prankster.

The turn they're used, they get increased priority, but once they're set Prankster won't affect them at all. Dazzling blocks moves that have increased priority, but Spikes don't have priority coming from a Prankster Pokemon after they're set. Therefore, Bruxish would get hurt.

Replay. Also it doesn't even block Spikes in the first place.

Hope this helps! :)

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