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In a competitive scenario, which one is more useful?

Keep in mind that if Bruxish knows psychic fangs and crunch, you can use a strong jaw-boosted move whenever you want. However, very few Pokemon (usually about 20%) know priority moves, so strong jaw is more likely to be useful than dazzling.
Another thing to keep in mind is that Bruxish is weak to two common priority moves, Shadow Sneak and Sucker Punch. But, Bruxish is pretty squishy anyways so it's best not to keep it in on a Ghost/Dark-type. The way I see it, Strong Jaw is more of a generalist ability and Dazzling is more of a situational ability.
I checked and Strong Jaw doesn't work for Psychic Fangs.
Really? I could have sworn it did. Where did you check?
Bulbapedia and Serebii both say that it does, but this site says it doesn't. I actually reported this on the site errors page not too long ago.
The database on this site is maintained by one person, so there are holes and errors in lots of random places.
to chomp or not to chomp? that is the question.
Another thing to consider is that most priority users are already faster than Bruxish, so they'd use strong 0 priority moves over weak plus priority moves regardless of Bruxish's ability.

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Think this way.
one is offensive. one is defenive. the question you want to ask yourself is "do I want to buff my defences a bit, or do I want to buff up my offenses a bit?" they're both great abilities in my opinion.

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Dazzling doesn't exactly "buff defenses", as most priority moves are already weak and they're pretty rare.
extreme speed? okay one example is pretty &$%£. but loads of them are buffed up by stat boosts.
plus i said "a bit" that means a small amount
If "a bit" means a small amount, then strong jaw would buff the offenses by much more than "a bit".
I can't be bothered to keep going. I cant believe the only legitimate form of interaction I've ever legitimately had with anyone on this site has been some form of arguing (not including answers obviously, they aren't really "interaction")
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For a Bruxish, you should go with Dazzling. A lot of the priority moves above 0 are really good in battle and Bruxish has a weakness to some of them, for example, Shadow Sneak, so it would be good to be immune to those moves, especially Fake Out.

I use bruxish in my main team with strong jaw and jolly nature holding focus sash running aqua jet, crunch, ice fang, and psychic and its been a beast and is my go to its not exactly a sweeper every time but alot of the time itll take out two pokes before going down