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Hi, this is my first post here.
I have been playing the games since the release of diamond and pearl, but have never got into or done any competitive battling. So I don't really know much about making teams and stuff like that.
So I would like to ask if anyone could give any advise on creating a team. As a start I guess I would like it to be based around Glaceon, as this is my favourite Pokemon right now, if this is not worth doing, that's fine. But if it is what kind of team would I use it in?
Thanks for the help in advance.

If it helps I have a Glaceon with the following moveset:
Nature: Serious
Ability: Snow Cloak
Moves: Ice beam, mirror coat, quick attack, bite.
No item as of now because i'm not sure of what one yet. Also I should add that it is not EV trained atm, and any EV's that it does have I can reset for training.

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You're probably better off checking Battle Subway section and looking for a NU Ice Team with Glaceon.  Also you may want to revise Glaceon's moveset and nature.  Serious mixed attacker Glaceon isn't a competitive Glaceon.
Here I just found this: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/38023/please-rate-my-nu-hail-team
After the comments/answer that team turned out powerful.  And the Glaceon is very well suited for action.
Umm... I'm not particularly proud of that RMT. That was when I just started competitive battling. I could make a better Hail team. (oh yeah M-Glalie got banned from NU).

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I'll make a guide for team building around Glaceon in NU.

Glaceon best fits on offensive teams purely because of its wall-breaking power. With that in mind, I'll give you some teammates that can pair well along with Glaceon.

Potential Teammates

Fighting-types, like Sawk and Gurdurr, can easily dispose Steel-types and other Ice-types (you have to watch out for Jynx though). Water-types, such as Kabutops and Carracosta, also deal with Fire-types. Kabutops is a notable partner because it also provides Rapid Spin support.

Because Glaceon is a wall-breaker, Pokemon that can perform late-game sweeps (like Ludicolo and Choice Scarf Rotom) are options.

Finally, Stick Web support from Leavanny and Ariados are appreciated, but these Pokemon are generally not viable.

Building a Hail team is also decent, although weather teams have fallen out of grace since the huge weather nerf.

Sample Team

Click here for importable.

Note: Make sure you choose a last move slot for Sawk and an item for Kabutops. I will also be making edits later on because I made that team in a rush.

So basically, I quickly compiled an Offense team built around Glaceon. I made quite a few adjustments to the set because Glaceon is supposed to have a wall-breaker set.

If you're new to EVs and Natures, this link should help.

The movesets on the Pokemon should be self-explanatory, but I'll address some issues anyways.

Glaceon should have Baton Pass to gain momentum and this is very important to offensive teams.

Rotom has Trick, mainly used to cripple walls and trap them into using the same move and Rotom may get a useful item, like Leftovers, in return.

Mesprit has U-turn for the same reason Glaceon has Baton Pass. It also forms a nice offensive Volt-turn core (combination of U-turn and Volt Switch) with Rotom.

Finally, Tauros has Fire Blast to hit Physically defensive Steel-types that try to wall Tauros (like Mawile).

If you want to make a team for yourself, I recommend looking at this for further help.

Anyways, that's it! I hope I helped!

Source: Experience and Above Links

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Here's a team that I think could work around Glaceon. This is for PU (Partially Used) tier.
Glaceon - Bulky Sweeper
Item: Assault Vest
Ability: Personal Preference Ice body or snow cloak both can work
Nature: Modest
Move Set: Ice beam/blizzard - Stab + solid damage

                    Hidden Power Ground - counters most ice type weaknesses
                    Shadow Ball - Coverage
                   Signal Beam/Water pulse - coverage + both have a confuse chance

EVs: 252 Special Attack, 252 defence, 4 in either special defence or HP

Articuno - Specially Bulky Wall
Item: Sitrus Berry
Ability: Snow Cloak - might be banned in PU tier but Pressure is still an okay ability
Nature: Careful
Move Set: Heal Bell - Heal any status condition

                    U turn - Chip damage plus a switch
                    Defog - Get rid of any hazards
                   Toxic - Put faint timers on a Pokemon 

EVs: 252 Special Defence, 252 HP, 4 in defence

Walrein - Hail Bringer + Physical wall
Item: Icy Rock
Ability: Ice body
Nature: Bold
Move Set: Blizzard - Stab + solid damage + 100% accuracy in hail

                    Hail - Get the most out of your ice types abilities
                    Toxic - Put faint timers on a Pokemon
                   Protect - Toxic stall or recovery with ice body

EVs: 252 HP, 252 defence, 4 in special defence

The next three Pokemon can be changed but this is what I thought of. By the way they are meant to deal with weaknesses of the team, set-up, wall, sweeper, that kind of thing.

Bastiodon - Wall + set-up
Item: Air Balloon
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Impish
Move Set: Stealth Rock - Set-up hazards

                    Taunt - Stop set-ups
                    Toxic - Put  faint timers on Pokemon
                   Heavy Slam - An offensive stab move if you have to use it

EVs: 252 HP, 252 defence, 4 in either special defence or Attack

Whiscash - Bulky Physical Damage Dealer
Item: Choice Band
Ability: Anticipation
Nature: Adamant
Move Set: Earthquake - Stab + huge damage

                    Waterfall - Stab + damage + 20% flinch chance
                    Stone Edge - Coverage
                   Facade - Just encase he/she gets a status condition 

EVs: 252 Attack, 252 HP, 4 in special defence

Dodrio - Physical Sweeper
Item: Life orb
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Jolly
Move Set: Brave Bird - Stab + solid damage

                    Knock off - get rid of items on your opponents Pokemon
                    Body Slam - Stab + 30% paralyse chance
                   Steel Wing - Coverage + 10% chance to raise defence

EVs: 252 Special Attack, 252 defence, 4 in either special defence or HP

I hope this helped :)