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I know Diancie and Hoopa Confined have been released already but has there been any news at the moment for Volcanion's release date?


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Volcanion's release date is not confirmed, it hasn't even been announced by Nintendo.

Nothing else to say.

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volcanion's existence hasn't even been confirmed yet
It has, a hacker called smealum hacked X and Y quite a while ago and uncovered Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion, as well as the Mega Evolutions for [email protected]

Also, most Pokemon sites have information on as well as sprites of Volcanion, so saying that its existence hasn't been proven is very false.

Check that link. Tell me how Serebii could get that info unless Volcanion was real
It's been revealed by hackers, but not by Nintendo/Gamefreak themselves. That's what Meewec meant.
Oh, but it has been found to exist in the coding of ORAS and XY
o3o volcanion should be here soon
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