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It is for competitive battling. It has a TIMID nature, 31 IVs in SpA, SpD, and Spe, and OUTSTANDING potential. I'd like an answer sooner rather than later so I can either save or give it up hopefully for 31 IVs in all except Attack. Thanks in advance!

What are all of it's stat numbers? Like, how much HP, how much Attack, etc.
28 or 29/x/16 or 17/31/31/31

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Based on those stats, especially the Defence IV, I say reset it. Thundurus's No. 1 enemy is Landorus' Rock Slide, and for that you need as much Defence as possible. I suggest resetting, but if you're comfortable with where it is then keep it.

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28 or 29 HP / 20-23 Atk / 16 or 17 Def / 31 SpA / 31 SpD / 31 Spe
I accidently saved!