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I think that with the proper evs it can be a calm minder with ice beam, flamethrower, and thunderbolt it can hurt alot of pokemon. Does this blissey wannabe have potential or am I being overly optimistic

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Well, I have to say your being just a little over optimistic considering this pokemon has 103 base hp, compared to blisseys 255. It might be decent, but blissey is still raining champ compared to it. An average Emboar would have more hp than an audino.
but look at it this way, its great for experience!

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No , it doesn't have the potential .
Consider the stats , the sp.attack is only 60 compared to 75 of blissey . And ofcourse Hp .
Its a pretty waste so I suggest not trying.
Both its defences are also not impressive and considering it as a healing pokemon even its hp isn't impressive. Do overall a waste.

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