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I can't find black sludge in Oras sorry if thishas been asked before

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You can farm Black Sludge off of Grimer in ORAS. There is always a 5% chance that Grimer will hold the Black Sludge. Grimer can be found in Fiery Path.
Here is the probability of encountering Grimer in Fiery Path: http://pokemondb.net/location/hoenn-fiery-path

If you are unfamiliar with "farming" then read this:
Farming items means using a high level Pokemon that knows the move Thief (TM) to steal items from wild Pokemon. For Thief to be successful, the user cannot be holding a held item prior to using the move Thief. Remember to collect farmed items from your farmer every time you successfully steal an item. You will know when an item is stolen because a message will appear that signifies the theft of the foe's item. Note: You can steal trainer items in ORAS, but cannot keep them after the battle ends.

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You can get the Black Sludge off of wild grimer in ORAS. Make sure that you have a Pokemon with compoundeyes in the front of your party, and get a Pokemon with thief in your party also. Have the compoundeyes Pokemon fainted, have the poke with thief in the second spot in your party. Spam thief on every wild grimer.

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The only way to get a Black Sludge in ORAS is to find them on wild Grimer and Trubbish, which have a 5% chance of holding it. I suggest using the DexNav to find ones holding Black Sludge. There is no other way to get the item in ORAS.


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