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for Blastiose, which is a better move?

Bite because it can't learn Crunch.

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Blastoise has better Special Attack than Physical Attack, so if you want Dark coverage on it, use Dark Pulse instead.

And Blastoise doesn't really need Dark coverage anyway, so you could just run something like Ice Beam, Focus Blast, etc.

Edit: Blastoise actually doesn't learn Crunch (unless the DB is incorrect) so you have to use Bite or some other Dark Move anyways.

Focus Miss? Lol aura sphere is a thing y'know.
Crunch It has a chance to lower Defense on the opposing Pokemon Wich is good for Your Physical to do more.AndBite just sucks. Sure You can lower defense too but Crunch can make the opposing flinch and Bite does 35 While Crunch does 75-80.. Hope I helped!
Aaagggghhh I always convert it onto the answer instead of the question!