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A houndoom with max 306 attack stat(no item) using crunch on lets say..slaking OR
A houndoom with 240 attack stat WITH life orb using crunch on slaking?

Im not too sure about the difference between move power and the attack stat

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It would have to be the same slaking due to damage calculation
But the houndoom holding life orbs atk becomes 240x1.3=312
So life orb houndoom is the better one
But the life orb boosts the move which in effect boosts its atk
Because Mach punch is 40 power if you give it a choice band that boosts atk in effect you are boosting the move
But if you give max atk houndoom life orb his atk becomes 306x1.3=397.8 which I think gets rounded up to 398

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