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My houndoom is lonely nature with max 306 attack stat and it has reversal. I used it in a double battle to test its power out. My other pokemon was mamoswine. When I used reversal to my mamoswine when Houndoom only had like 5-10% left(in the red HP zone) it didnt even damage my mamoswines HP halfway...still in the green spot
Why is this? Shouldnt the power be 150 when my it has 5-10% left? Or maybe was it because 306 Attack stat wasnt strong enough

Hmm...interesting. Not even Yellow. :|
sigh...now im so worried it wont even KO a freakin weavile...
Then I tried iron tailing with my houndoom to Mamoswine and mamoswine hp went over half way....What is this??? I think gamefreak messed up on this move

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Well if your Mamoswine was EV trained in Def or HP and your Houndoom had 10% it would do only a bit less than Half that would explain it. Was Mamoswine holding an item that would effect it?

Well this mamoswine wasnt really trained the right way, I got it from a friend and its HP is 413 and the Def is 231. But still, even with that high hp it still only has an average defense stat and it should KO it. Reversals power was 150 and doublling it is 300. So that means he can take more than 600 damage from a pokemon that has an attack stat of around 306??? I just dont get it...
Oh also Houndoom was holding a choice scarf at that time and Mamoswine was holding an expert belt.
That is the problem Gengar, you got your math wrong. That is not how it works. I used a damage calculator. It is perfectly normal, Reversal is not weak it is just that Mamoswine is bulky. You say Houndoom's HP was 10% then you may have been off by 1% and it be 11% so it would have 100 base power for it, not a 150. I ran the calculations for both. If it had 150 Base power then Houndoom would have taken about 2/3 of Mamoswines HP, if it had 100 Base power then it may have only done a bit less than half like you said. Did you do the math to find out how much percent or did you just guess?
Yea but i used an iron tail on mamoswine which is 100 power and mamoswines hp went over halfway, like by alot
With your houndoom? Or was it with another Pokemon? Also the damage of Pokemon moves vary a little which is why I said may because sometimes it can do less then half and sometimes more.
Yea my houndoom used iron tail on mamoswine and went halfway but its all good now because I found a solution to this problem:)