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Pros and Cons question!

So, using a Ninjask or a Blaziken Speed Boost and Swords Dance Baton Pass, I baton pass a x2 speed and x2 attack to a Mienshao.

Mienshao knows Fake Out, Endure and Reversal and is holding a Metronome.
I use Fake Out, no problem, Metronome boosts and then Endure to a move staying at 1 HP.
Then SPAM Reversals everywhere and on everything. Metronome will boost Reversal's attack I think? Reversal gets a base 300 attack (200 x 1.5 = 300).

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why don't you test it out and see
Scolipede > ninjask/blaziken imo

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Here are the flaws in your strategy:
• Ghost types completely wall your Mienshao. Fake out and Reversal do nothing to any Ghost type.
• Flying, Psychic, and Fairy types resist Reversal, and can attack you back with a super effective STAB move. Even if you have a Swords Dance boost, they will still resist the attack.
• Bug and Poison types also resist Reversal but they don't always have a super effective attack to use on you.
• If you can't set up Baton Pass or Swords Dance, you aren't going to sweep. Even with 300 power, you could get outsped and since you'll have 1 HP you'll just die. If someone kills your Ninjask/Blaziken, the strategy doesn't work either.

However, if you get rid of Flying, Psychic, Fairy, Bug, and Poison types before you set up Swords Dance/Speed Boost, you might just be able to pull off a sweep. Make sure not to let your Baton Passer die, though.

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That too