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My Tangrowth knows Sunny Day, Growth, Solarbeam and AncientPower.
I was thinking Sunny Day because it has the Ability Chlorophyll, so it can help Tangrowth with speed and also Solarbeam can be used in 1 turn. Growth In sunny day raises Atk. and Sp. Atk by 2 stages instead of 1. Solarbeam well you know... and then Ancient Power is for coverage against Fire, Bug, Ice and Flying...

Is this good enough??


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If ingame yup this set is fine & pretty good. Maybe give Tangrowth Heat Rock if you have it as it increases the duration of Sunny Day = more setup and more pain for NPCs.
However if your looking to use an offensive Tangrowth in Competitive use;
Tangrowth @ Life Orb/Choice Specs
EVs: 112 HP, 252 SpA, 114 Spe
Modest Nature
Ability: Regenerator
-Leaf Storm
-HP Rock
-Focus Blast
-Sleep Powder

Hard hitting and when you switch out you get a little present from Regenerator =)

Hope I helped and GL!

Try going all out in HP, speed is kinda pointless
^ Good Idea
But I like speed to outspeed walls and cripple them with sleep powder :D
why choice specs and sleep powder?
choice specs for the power.
Sleep powder cripples opponents and works well only because Tangrowth has regenerator. OTherwise I wouldn't even consider running a status move a choiced pokemon
Thanks for the advice guys but I was actually thinking of Pokemon Battle Revolution, so Im training it on my Diamond
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its good but maybe have a drought ninetails or infernape with sunny day and u-turn and maybe substitute . If you cant trade you could have darmanitan with the same moves. so now youve set up sunny day switch into and he will have a free move to use!

Im talking about Diamond.. Sorry :-( Its for my PBR but thanks for the advice anyway ;-)