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My Solar Power Heliolisk knows ; Electric Terrain, Charge, ThunderBolt, and Parabolic Charge. If my ally uses Sunny Day, triggering the Sp Attack rise,I use Electric Terrain, giving electric moves more power, then I use Charge, making my next move double the damage and raise my Sp Attack, then I use Thunderbolt, will my thunderbolt be max power?


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Having a combination of:

1) Sunny Day triggering Solar Power (50% Sp. Atk increase)
2) Electric Terrain (50% increase electric moves)
3) Charge (increase double damage of electric moves; with Sp. Def by one stage)

makes this an extremely good method.
But, only maxed power could be dealt when the Sp. Atk is at the +6 stage - it's highest.
Otherwise, you can use these other ways to help increase:

Having a heliolisk with this tactic is very well. But, you need to consider the other variables. Heliolisk doesn't mave much defenses; and you will only use thunderbolt on your 3rd turn. This makes it very easy to faint this Pokemon - but I wish the best of luck for it to work.

Also, you haven't considered an item to be held yet.
The two items to choose from are: Electric Gem (electric moves increase 30%; consumed once) or Zap Plate (electric moves increase 20%; used multiple times).

This will definitely increase thunderbolt much more making it maxed attack. Though it will make much more sense to keep a Zap Plate to use forever; unless there is another easier way to spawn plenty of the gems.

Furthermore, you can give your heliolisk a max Sp. Atk EV spread, or feed it lots of Calcium. Look at all the possibilities to actually make thunderbolt to it's MAX power.

Hope I helped! :)

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Simply put, no.

Basically, your Sp. Atk is not at +6, therefore it could have more power. Once your Sp. Atk was at +6, I do believe that is would be at full power.

EDIT: I noticed what Blaze said about items, and with an Electric Gem, and +6 Sp. Atk, and Electric Terrain, and Charge, your Thunderbolt would be at MAX power.

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