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I am playin Pokemon White and I only have 4 gym badges and I want an Electric type PKMN that fits this description:
- Must be Generation 5
- Must have good Sp.Atk, Sp.Def, and Defense
- Able to learn the TM Move Volt Switch
If anyone could help me that would be great if you can't find one then it can just be one that you may catch Post- Pokemon League because my friend can trade me one.


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Emolga might be a good choice for you or even Zebstrika. hope this helps. :D

Emolga - Bad defense and Sp Defense

Zebstrika - Not so great defense and sp defense, and it's attack is higher than it's special attack

Although those are pretty much the only obtainable electric types...
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There are only 5 final evolution electric pokemon from Unova ( not counting Zekrom and Thundurus). The one with the best bulk is Stunkfish, but he can't learn Volt Switch. You're best going with Eelektross; its ability gives him no weaknesses, it has average bulk, it can learn Volt Switch, and it has good Att and Sp. Att.

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Galvantula has amazing speed for a non-legendary. it has very good special attack, under-par special defense and decent defense. it can learn volt switch and it's ability gives it more accuracy. mine is currently lvl 64, i've given it very little stat boosts like zincs,proteins,etc.