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I'm breeding some fighting Pokémon for competitive and I got one with 5IVs and decent Sp. Attack... Is it good or is it better to have 31 Sp. Attack IVs as well?

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Um, you might need to clarify your question a little better. I don't really think anyone knows what exactly you mean -- the spelling errors certainly don't help.

Are you asking if Attack or Sp.A is better? If you are, the answer to that depends on what Pokemon you're using, especially if you're metagaming. Breeding also uses different mechanics in different generations, so you need to say which game you're using.

Also, when you say 5 IV... Are you saying that you have a Pokemon with 5 perfect IV's? Or a Pokemon with one IV of 5? If it's the latter, I would ask what stat has the IV you mentioned, but it hardly matters since an IV of 5 is absolutely nothing to brag about...

Hope this helped in some way.

I bred a 5 Best IV Pikipek, the only IV that is not best is Sp. Attack. Since I'm not using special moves, I wanted to know if not having Best for Sp. Attack IV would change something or not
Ah, I see!
In that case, I would stick with the Pikipek you have. Toucannon is a physical attacker that learns very few special moves, and it's attack is the species' best stat -- buffing that makes for one heck of an offensive strategy.
Might I also make a suggestion?
If you've bred down Pikipek's hidden ability, Pickup, it will turn into a Sheer Force Toucannon. With Sheer Force a Pokemon won't take damage from a Life Orb, but still gain it's power boost -- you could use that to make Rock Smash do more damage, a useful move considering it can counter Toucannon's Ice-type weakness alongside a 50% chance of lowering the opponents Defense, that paired with your Toucannon's IV in Attack and the Life Orb will make it a nightmare to fight without a good strategy to cover Defense.
Mine is Skill Link with Beak Blast, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed and Roost. But I also liked your strategy... maybe I'll breed one the way you told me. Ty a lot
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Well, it all depends on the Pokemon you have. Most likely, you may have a fighting-type that's much better in Atk than SpAtk, then all you need is a good Atk IV; SpAtk IV won't be much use unless you want to use special-category moves; but, it's wiser to stick with it's stronger stat since you only need to worry about one if you consider EV training.

However, if you have a fighting-type that's better in SpAtk, such as Lucario (even if it's not by much), it's better to have a higher SpAtk IV, unless you want to use physical-category moves. The only fighting Pokemon that is significantly better in SpAtk than Atk is Keldeo; but since you're breeding, you won't encounter this problem.

So, whatever fighting Pokemon you have should be fine, and it's SpAtk will not affect the performance of the Pokemon. Just choose physical moves over special moves, and you'll have one heck of a Pokemon.

Hope I helped! :)

Like, I made a 5IV Pikipek (I'll only use physical moves) so the Sp. Attack IV doesn't matter if it's not the best, right?
Thanks a lot
Yeah, if you're using physical moves only, your SpAtk doesn't matter