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I don't know which one to choose for my Toxtricity, should I just use Dynamax for Max Lightning or use Gigantamax for G-Max Stun Shock when Gigantamax Toxtricity comes out?
Max Lightning sets an Electric Terrain when used and G-Max Stun Shock can either paralyze or poison the foe with a 100% chance if I'm not mistaken.

Are you not able to use both by getting two Toxtricitys and experiment from there?
Gigantamax Toxtricity is not out yet, so no. The only G-Toxtricitys I've seen were obtained by hacks, and I don't wanna do that.
Doesn’t that answer your question? You can’t get GMax Toxtricity, so your only option for the time being is Max Lightning.
Although Max Lightning is probably better either way. Electric Terrain is usually going to be better than a random status between poison or paralysis.

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As Gigantamax Toxtricity is unreleased as of current, I will be speaking objectively as if it has been released. Anyways, while the odd chance of a free paralysis or poison is nice, it's only a chance, and not all that useful. Electric Terrain is infinitely more useful for granting another bonus on Toxtricity's already nuclear Overdrive, so I'm personally going with that. While Toxtricity would much appreciate free paralysis on its already strong attacks to patch up its serious speed issues, it's only a chance, where as Max Lightning is much more consistent in its usefulness as well as clearing out terrains it doesn't want like Misty Terrain.

I would run Max Lightning in doubles, because it can definitely do a benefit for your your other Pokemon such as help Bolt Beak on Draco/Arctozolt with it's already superior 160 Base power when Dracozolt moves first boosted by Hustle boosted by a Choice Band boosted by stab boosted by super effectiveness (if it is). And other benefits too. I know Stun Shock will Poison/Paralyze both opponents, but Electric Terrain is much more beneficial. But in singles, it's a choice. Also good answer.