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If I had a Rhyperior with lightning rod and I got hit an electric attack, would my special attack be raised or does the electric immunity from the ground typing activate first and not give me the special attack raise?


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Immunity activates first, then ability.

The only way for Rhyperior to get the absolutely useless special attack boost is for it to hold a Ring Target.

Bulba - Lightning Rod

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Just wondering

Only thing I can think of that the special attack would be GOOD for is surf but he can get Aqua tail as a transfer move anyway... But I didn't have much of an example because their are no special attacking ground types with lightning rod.
Game freak did not think that through. Honestly, lightningrod on a ground type? Only good for drawing fire.
Nope, in Doubles it has uses. It redirects all Electric attacks onto Rhyperior, effectively saving a teammate damage. It's pretty viable.
Really? I could've sworn that I used that same Pokémon, and its Lightning Rod ability activated first…