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Using the SoS method, I got myself a Pichu with 4 perfect IVs and the hidden ability; Lightning Rod. After it learned all the moves as a Pichu, I raised its happiness and it evolved. I'm not sure if I should evolve it in Alola, since Alolan Raichu is half psychic type (and Psychic is a good move to learn...) but doesn't have the Lightning Rod hidden ability, and Surge Surfer doesn't seem like the best ability to me, since Raichu is pretty fast anyway. Alolan Raichu DOES have a Z-Move, though I'm not planning on using Stoked Sparksurfer yet. Normal Raichu gets to keep the Lightning Rod ability throughout it's evolution line, doesn't have a Z-Move or the Psychic type. Is keeping Lightning Rod worth it, or should I wait for Pokébank to open for Sun and Moon?

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I agree that Lighting Rod is a great ability to have. It works well in double battles and even in singles, defending your team from electric type moves. I would suggest you get Alolan Raichu. If you really need Lightning Rod, you could get another Pokemon with one. But Raichu is still good even if it's not Alolan, it can also learn some good coverage move like Brick Break or Grass Knot. Alolan Raichu can also learn those. If you are willing to give up Lightning Rod, choose Alolan Raichu, and get another guy with Lightning Rod. If you are not willing to give up, Raichu is still good, and you could get another Psychic type on your team. So basically I would recommend Alolan Raichu.

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Lighting Rod A-Marowak is really good right now.
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No, I don't think anyone would thunderbolt an electric type knowing that it's not very effective or it possibly has lighting rod

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It's supposed to switch into electric attacks.