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I like Pikachu very much. I checked the stats and movesets of both and I still don't know which I should have on my team.
Please include movesets and your reasoning.

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Maybe you could include a Light Ball or Eviolite on Pikachu.
A Raichu with life orb can hit about as hard as a Pikachu with light ball. Other than that, Raichu has much better speed and type coverage. I objectively and subjectively prefer Raichu.

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Here is the Moveset I have on my Alolan Raich

Alolan Raichu

Item: Focus Sash
Ability: Surge Surfer
EVs:252 Sp.A, 252 Speed, 4 Hp
Modest Nature (+Sp.A, -Atk)
-Electric Terrain
-Hidden Power (Ice)

Electric Terrain, Helps Raichu in so many ways and angles. Not only does it power up its Thunderbolt, but it also doubles your speed. Pokemon that out speed may now be much slower than you and thats when you go for a massive hit on the Pokemon. Focus sash also allows it to survive a single turn to set up that electric terrain and attack afterwards. However raichu is vulnerable to priority moves like a simple bullet punch from a metagross or a lucario or even a multi hit move from Alolan Marowak and etc.

Thunderbolt Gains STAB, Electric Terrain boost, and just great power in all.

Hidden Power (Ice), Great Coverage against ground, grass, or dragon types who want to resist you.

Psychic, STAB and coverage

Things to look for: Alolan Marowak is a HUGE threat to this Pokemon. Not only does it have a ground multi-hit move, but all your moves have either no effect cuz of marowak's lighting rod or resistance. Also you may want to look out for Pokemon that usually have priority moves like lycanroc or Mimikyu that can knock you out right after your focus sash is used.

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Since when was Ghost resistant to Psychic?
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You should use Alolan Raichu and possibly pair it up with a tapu koko to set up that surge surfer with koko's ability and power up raichu's electric moves. And even on its own its good cuz you can give it a focus sash to set up an electric terrain and go from there.

I agree. I got Alolan Raichu, and it rocks on electric terrain. However, Pikachu's Z-move does 210 base damage, while Raichu's does 175.
That is true so Pikachu can deal high damage and even K.O. your enemy's Pokemon. However, when running a raichu you may want to give it more power with a life orb or a focus sash as said in my answer.
I personally use a Normal Raichu and combo it with Tapu Koko in Doubles and give Raichu lighting rod while Koko uses discharge to power Raichu up and deal a little damage. Along with the electric Terrain Raichu can deal massive damage and even K.O. with a life orb seeing as Koko is faster allowing it to power Raichu quickly.