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This is really, really obscure question, but curiosity cured the cat, right?

In Pokémon Refresh, if you open it sometimes the Pokémon will be snoozing and you have to wake them up. Well, I've done this to Friendcake the Shiny Raichu a couple times, but both times he was in a different position! First he was asleep while sitting on his tail, the other time he was lying down!

When Alolan Raichu is put to sleep during a battle, which one of these poses does it take? Both? Neither?

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I'm 98% sure it was "Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back". Or is it different in different parts of the world?
It is, I'm just messing with the wording.
Darn it that's like the third joke I missed in two days I need sleep T-T
Once my Alolan Raichu used Stoked Sparksurfer with his eyes closed. I still don't know if it was a glitch.

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Hypothetically, it should take niether, and stay in its normal Battle position, but with its eyes closed. Refresh has less variation on what the Pokemon will be doing, so the teams responsible for it can add more variation for other things, like sleeping.

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I'm pretty sure it will stay in its normal position, with it's eyes closed.

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