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I want to be a raichu but Im an oshowott. when you look for a magnagate you change to ether snivy, axew, pikachu, oshowott, tepig, or their evolved forms and I want to be raichu but I dont know what the magnagate should look like. Someone Help Me!!!

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You mean Pikachu? You can't be an evolved Pokemon to start.
What are you talking about? Can you be a bit more clear?
You can only be a pikachu not a raichu.
In mystery dungeon you can start out as pikachu,And yes you can be raichu a thunderstone can be a prize at bertic slide.

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A magnagate has to be large and you have to be lucky as there is only about a 1/5 chance of getting the evolved form of a Pikachu. As there is no exact requirements for you to be a Raichu, it's all down to luck.

Personally I have never been a Raichu, as it's rare.

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thanks, thats real helpful.